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Why Content Matters Most For OVPs

The Online Video Platform market is bursting at the seams with choices, with KIT Digital and Brightcove leading the pack.  SaaS-based online video publishing, editing, monetization,  and analytics are the main ingredients in an OVP, while tools, widgets, and APIs are added bonuses that are quickly becoming required as well if the smaller businesses plan to continue.  So, at what point does an OVP become more that just an empty player?  Having all these bells and whistles are nice to have, but its easy to recognize that without quality content for the end user, the player quickly becomes useless.

However, not all OVP customers have access to content that will build and support quality presentations to the end user (notice I didn’t say video).  The most time consuming part of building a presentation, whether it be video or a slide deck, is the collection and organization of content – data, slides, and media.  Therefore, OVP providers need to worry less about features and more about providing their customers with easy access to content, whether they are through partnerships, acquisitions, home-grown solutions.  The tools, player, and ultimately the end user experience should be viewed as nothing more than an enabler – the conveyor of content.  When you boil down the OVP to a conveyor of content, and perhaps a side-by-side feature comparison with the top platforms in the market, you’ll begin to realize most of them offer the same goods.  Its important to stand out in the crowd.

That all being said, I expect the OVP market will flatten over the next year or two.  There are just too many OVPs with the same bells and whistles under the hood.  Those providers that have the ability to provide and build quality content will survive longer.  Popular providers like Brightcove are likely to gain more attractive partnerships as a result of their initial OVP success.  Companies recognize them as a leader, thus I’m certain content providers are approaching them for partnerships.  Their success will result in unique content for their player, ultimately expanding their portfolio of big names.  The smaller providers will become redundant in the market.  If the smaller providers really want to survive, they will need to start talking quickly, if they aren’t already, to data providers with a niche market.



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